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Teknokent / Teknoloji Merkezleri

Teknokent / Teknoloji Merkezleri

Technoparks and technology free zones offer financial advantages to our companies operating within the scope of R&D. We provide support services for our companies to restructure from scratch with their projects in these regions or to open a new branch.

Some of the advantages of being in Technopolis are listed below.

Income and corporate taxpayers operating in the Region are exempted from income and corporate tax until 31.12.2023, which they earn exclusively from software and R&D activities in this Region.
During this period, deliveries and services in the form of system management, data management, business applications, sectoral, internet, mobile and military command control application software produced exclusively in these regions are also exempted from value added tax.

The wages of the researchers, software developers and R&D personnel working in the region are exempt from all taxes until 31.12.2023.

50% of the employer's share in the insurance premium of the personnel in the Technology Development Zones is supported within the scope of Law No. 5746.

Some of the wages of the R&D personnel working within the scope of the R&D project, for the time they must spend outside the Region with the approval of the managing company, are also excluded from the scope of income tax.
Investments are made in the Region with the approval of the technological product by the managing company and the permission of the Ministry,
Tax exemption support provided for the wages of the R&D personnel working in the region for these duties is also provided to the R&D Support personnel, not exceeding ten percent of the R&D personnel.

The activities we carry out in order to have a place in Teknokent are;
Application Preparation and Application Activities
R&D Consultancy Activities
Technical Support Activities
Financial Structuring Activities
We can summarize it as Tax Planning and Management Activities.

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