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Things to Know About Company Capital

Things to Know About Company Capital

What does company capital mean?
In short, capital; It refers to the money or goods that can be converted into money given by partners to cover the expenses and expenditures of a company. Capital shows the partnership structure of the company. So, what are the points to consider when determining the company capital?

For which types of firms is capital required?
Capital is not required for sole proprietorships.
It is a mandatory procedure for capital companies, Joint Stock Company ( Join Sock Company ) or Limited Company (L.L.C. )  It is determined at company establishments within the framework of the minimum amounts determined according to the Turkish Commercial Code.
There is an article regarding capital in the articles of association of capital companies. In this article; It writes in detail the amount of capital, which partner has committed how much, the amount of shares and the value of the shares.

When should the committed capital be paid?
In joint stock companies, ¼ of the cash capital must be paid at the time of establishment (initial capital) and the remaining amount must be paid within 24 months.
In capital increases, ¼ of the cash increased must be paid before registration.

What is the minimum amount of capital that can be determined?
It is 250,000 TL for joint stock companies and 50,000 TL for limited companies.
The capital amount may be determined differently in special laws.
100,000 TL for joint stock companies to obtain a foreign employment permit
30,000,000 TL to establish a bank
1,500,000,000 TL capital for digital banking
30,000,000 TL to establish a GMYO company
27,047,116 TL for Natural Gas Storage company
2,550,000 TL for Insurance Brokerage Companies, etc.


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