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What are the Administrative Fines in case the Export Prices are not brought to the Country?

What are the Administrative Fines in case the Export Prices are not brought to the Country?


The procedures and principles regarding the repatriation of export prices are regulated by the communiqué regarding the decision no. 32 on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency. The fees related to the export transactions carried out in Turkey are transferred directly to the bank that mediates the export following the payment of the importer. The period of bringing the prices to the country cannot exceed 180 days from the actual issue date.


The export costs that are not brought in due time are notified in writing by the intermediary banks to the relevant Tax Office Directorate within 5 working days. Within 10 business days following the notification, a 90-day warning is sent to the relevant parties to ensure that the accounts are closed. During this period, the accounts must be closed or if there are force majeure conditions or the justified situation must be documented. In case of force majeure, additional time is given by the relevant Tax Office Presidency or Tax Office Directorate in six-month periods during the continuation of the force majeure.

For export accounts that are still not closed at the end of the 90-day warning period by the Tax Office Directorate, a notification is made to the Public Prosecutor's Office in order to initiate legal action.


Ways to be applied against Administrative Fines 27/1 of the Law on Misdemeanors No. 5326. It is regulated in the article. Accordingly, an objection can be made to the authorized Criminal Judgeship of Peace within 15 days from the notification of the administrative sanction decision. In the meantime, upon notification of the administrative fine, three-quarters of the fine can be paid by making a cash payment before applying for legal action. In addition, if the decision of the Criminal Judgeship of Peace is against the taxpayer, an appeal can be made within 7 days. Decisions made on the appeal are final. It cannot be appealed again. As mentioned above, if the receivables are brought to the country until the decision regarding the administrative fine is finalized, a payment of two and a half percent of the amount that should be brought to the country can be made.

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