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If we start by saying what is crowdfunding;
The crowdfunding process called crowdfunding in English; is the collection of funds necessary for the commercialization of a project, initiative, service or product through promotion on digital platforms.
People who deposit money to fund the project, on the other hand, have the opportunity to fund the relevant project for investment or support purposes, depending on the crowdfunding method chosen.
Crowdfunding in Turkey is done in three ways;
- Reward Based
- In the Form of Donation
- Equity-based Crowdfunding
 We would like to talk about "share-based crowdfunding", which is the most common in Turkey.
In the stock-based crowdfunding method, a person becomes a partner in a venture and invests in that venture/project. That is, he buys shares in the venture with this method. If the venture is successful, the investor's share values ​​will increase, and as a result of the failure of the venture, the investor's shares may become worthless.

What Is The Legal Framework For Crowdfunding In Our Country?
The legal work of crowdfunding in our country started with the amendment made to the Capital Market Law No. 6362 with the Law No. 7061 on the Amendment of Some Tax Laws and Some Other Laws. With the "Communiqué on Share Based Crowdfunding (III-35/A.1)" prepared with reference to Article 35/A added to the Capital Market Law, the procedures and principles regarding the application of the method have been determined.

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